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How to Choose Environmental Modification Services Near Me


Search InToTo Care for the best environmental modification providers and filter the results based on your location.


Shortlist the candidates from the available environmental modifiers providers to interview them further.


Connect with the shortlisted candidates to know whether they will be apt for your loved ones or not.

Why Choose Environmental Modification Service Providers

Indoor and outdoor modifications done to the home for the health, safe, and welfare of the waiver participant are termed environmental modifications. These environmental modifications help the waiver participant prevent the institutionalization and function with greater independence.
Regular home improvements don’t come under environmental modifications. Only those modifications are included that are medically required. Things under medical, environmental modifications include ramps, lifts (electric, hydraulic, or manual), stairs, broad hallways or doors, manual or automatic door openers, grab bars or handrails, roll-in showers, water faucet controls, cabinet adaptations, among other changes.

Connecting Consumers with Environmental Modification Providers

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